It'll be like before you were gone. (blondeoffblonde) wrote in we_kill_fuglies,
It'll be like before you were gone.

Choose your weapon.

1. Name: Sarah.
2. Age: eighteen.
3. Location: Peterborough, Ontario.
4. Orientaton (for you idiots.. what gender you get off to): straight.
5. Status:: newly taken.
6. I wonder what goes here...: I hear the mods own my ass.
7. 5+ favorite bands: Nada Surf, Every Time I Die, Colour Revolt, Jeff Buckley, the Dillinger Escape Plan.
8. 5 bands you hate: off the top of my head, Fallout Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Nirvana, Comeback Kid, Bloc Party.
9. 5+ favorite movies: the Laramie Project, Labyrinth, the United States of Leland, Mississippi Burning, and ... uh Garden State. Sorry guys.
10. Tell us something interesting about yourself (don't say "i'm not interesting." that means you suck): I have my own writing tattooed on my back. I'll post a picture below.


11. Do you smoke?: Nope.
Do you drink?: Casually. Not very much at that.
Do you party?: Not as hard as a lot of people.
Do you have sex? How far? guy/girl?: Not at the moment. I have in the past. Guy.
Do you shop at Hot Topic?: Nope.
What's your favorite time era and why?: The 60's-70's. My parents raised me on a lot of 60's rock, and it stuck. Also, the music was more organic and less superficial.
All time favorite band or artist and why?: This is tough. I would say Conor Oberst. Something about him, and his purposely out of key voice draws me to him.
Mods? Tatts? Piercings? (post pics); Lip piercing, and one self-drawn tattoo--

What turns you on? (specific porn moves are acceptable): Hardcore music. Honest to god.

9. Link us to 2+ sites where you promoted we_kill_fuglies only one in a promoting community, BITCHES!(When you promote make sure its to related communities, otherwise it's considered SPAM and if you didn't know, that's BAD!!!) 1) 2)

12. Picture time:

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Image hosting by Photobucket

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