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Choose your weapon!

1. can call me Miss V :)
2. Age:20
3. Location:Home of the desert...Arizona
4. Orientaton (for you idiots.. what gender you get off to):Men please. but shes my wifey..Image hosting by Photobucket
5. heart is in Ventura California.
6. I wonder what goes here...:THE MODS OWN MY ASS!
7. 5+ favorite bands:The dead kennedys, bad sex, johnny cash, modest mouse, new york rel-x
8. 5 bands you hate:Anti-flag, slipknot, most boy bands, and emo shit. sorry :-/
9. 5+ favorite movies:Fear and Loathing, Natural born killers, Fight Club, Scarface, The breakfast club
10. Tell us something interesting about yourself (don't say "i'm not interesting." that means you suck):Im a strong believer in fate. I love nicotine, caffine, karma, tangible love, and thoes accidental touches that make your day.


11. Do you smoke?:Wayyy to much.
Do you drink?:Sho do
Do you party?:You best believe
Do you have sex? yesHow far? guy/girl?:my hubby berryman. Image hosting by Photobucket
Do you shop at Hot Topic?:for earings sometimes
What's your favorite time era and why?:The 50's. they are just classic.
All time favorite band or artist and why?:Tool. They inspired me to start playing bass
Mods? Tatts? Piercings? (post pics);Nose pierce...all trendy tatoo on lower back.
What turns you on? (specific porn moves are acceptable):Lips. mmm.

9. Link us to 2+ sites where you promoted we_kill_fuglies only one in a promoting community, BITCHES!(When you promote make sure its to related communities, otherwise it's considered SPAM and if you didn't know, that's BAD!!!)

12. Picture time:

here is what we don't want to see:

-no apps full of sideways angles. learn how to rotate or get out.
-no contrasted pics in apps. come out from under all that contrast, fugly.
-no blurry pics. we can see your zits.
-no pictures of your eyes. that's fucking stupid.

here is what we want to see:

3+ pictures of your face, body, events with you and your friends.. whatever you think would make us think you're not a fug.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

my nephew=my lifeImage hosting by Photobucket
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