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I am a lazy asshole, and I am way tooooo boring to change the cut. Please vote no for my sorry piece of shit lame ass. I am a dumb fugly fuck.Collapse )
1. Name: Diane Knight (Yeah I know, my name is pretty lame)
2. Age: 14
3. Location: Austin, Texas
4. Orientaton (for you idiots.. what gender you get off to): Ehhh I don't believe in sexuality, I believe in loooove ;)
5. Status:: On the verge of something happening between me and this guy.
6. I wonder what goes here...: The Mods own my ass.
7. 5+ favorite bands: Stellastarr, Atmosphere, Between the Buried and Me, Jack Off Jill, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Roots... yeah it's a pretty wide variety.
8. 5 bands you hate: The Obvious: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory. Tool and NIN don't really float my boat either.
9. 5+ favorite movies: Moulin Rouge, Shawshank Redemption, Anchorman, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, King Kong woohoo!
10. Tell us something interesting about yourself (don't say "i'm not interesting." that means you suck): I have a scar on my knee that looks like Jupiter! Mannnn I'm cool.


11. Do you smoke?: OCCCAAASIONALLY... I'll enjoy a drag or two off of a cigarette. Weed is all good.
Do you drink?: Hell yesss, but I usually die the day after
Do you party?: Like a rockstar!
Do you have sex? How far? guy/girl?: Ah no... still a virgin... but I've touched a few bases. Farther with guys than girls though.
Do you shop at Hot Topic?: Bah! Fuck Hot Topic and their smelly $60 parachute pants!
What's your favorite time era and why?: The 70's, not only because of the hottie hippie kids, but cause I was raised a flower child :)
All time favorite band or artist and why?: Stellastarr, cause I think their sound is so unique, I can listen to their first cd fo'evah and it never gets old. So yeah listen to them.
Mods? Tatts? Piercings? (post pics); Boring 2 per ear. I want gages real bad.
What turns you on? (specific porn moves are acceptable): When a guy just totally dominates you and is aggressive and ahh it gets me all hot just thinking about it asl;dkfj.

9. Link us to 2+ sites where you promoted we_kill_fuglies</lj>only one in a promoting community, BITCHES!(When you promote make sure its to related communities, otherwise it's considered SPAM and if you didn't know, that's BAD!!!)

12. Picture time: Left

 My nose is a fiend.
 Bah weird angle.

Be gentle :-/